Smart home lighting systems allow you to control and adjust the brightness of your  lights, without your conscious input. Smart lights are ideal for situations when lighting plays a major role, such as in the evening or during parties.

Smart lighting uses LED bulbs, which use significantly less energy efficient and don’t need to be replaced as often, which can help you save money over time. … From added security to cost savings, it’s safe to say that smart lighting is definitely worth the investment, especially when incorporated into smart home system.

Smart Security

From door sensors & locks to fully integrated CCTV, a smart security system means you can customise, monitor, and manage your security systems anywhere, at any time, from your mobile phone. Essentially, it gives control of your security back to you and makes it convenient and accessible to you, whenever you want to check in.

The main and most essential reason to invest in a security system is to deter crime in your home. According to the Electronic Security Association’s Home Safety Fast Facts, burglars said that if they encountered an alarm or home security system, they would not attack the home.


Home, business and farm security are important.

A fully custom made package can be installed for your specific needs at home, business and indeed farm security including remote location monitoring are all easily achieved when planned correctly, I install the latest technology systems that give you best-in-class features, quality and value for money.

A system that gives you and your family the piece of mind that you can look after what’s most important. Don’t be fooled by the cheaper “kits” you can get, CCTV done right is worth the time and $.

Climate Control

A Smart Home has the capability of monitoring and taking over the daily routine of running itself. … Climate control in the home is more than just adjusting the temperature. It means adjusting temperatures and even humidity levels for different areas or rooms in the home.

Automated climate control refers to systems that help to automatically regulate heating and cooling in your home. Automated climate control can also help you to save energy by only heating and cooling the rooms that you’re using, at the times when you’re using them. With automated climate control you can also either pre-heat or pre-cooling your house before you get home, using an interface on your smart phone.

Windows and shading

Curtains, shading and window controls are a cost effective but often overlooked method of automated climate control. Because heat is often lost or gained through windows, things like curtains, awnings, blinds or retractable shades can make a significant difference not just to the temperature, but also to the demand for air conditioning or heating.


Rock out to your favorite music with a whole home audio setup. Audio Distribution systems send music to any room in your home via a central processor. The days of a volume knob on the wall are long gone. Control of your music is simple and intuitive by means of a touch panel, keypad, handheld RF remote, iPad® or similar Wi-Fi smart device.

Whether the speakers are placed in the walls, ceiling, bookshelves, shower or pool, they can be designed to aesthetically blend in to minimize visual impact. In fact, if you can’t get wires to a location, no problem. We have wireless solutions that enable you to enjoy your music from anywhere. You’ll need fewer components since a single music server or a Pandora station from your smartphone can be shared in one, several, or all of the rooms in your home.

If you’ve been dreaming of a home theater system, we can make the dream a reality. From dedicated rooms to living rooms we have a home theater solutions for nearly every budget.

Voice Control

It’s easy to secure your home with voice commands. Simple Ask Alexa or Google Home to Arm your home and watch as your home is secured. Get confirmation of doors locked, or request a video clip to be recorded on your Smart Cameras, just with a voice command.

When using Voice-Controlled Home Automation, you can control multiple devices at once with single voice command.


Smart Home Technology for the Elderly

Smart home technology promises tremendous benefits for seniors planning to live at home independently. It can offer peace of mind for family members and caregivers providing assistance to elderly individuals. Due to the interconnected nature of smart homes, far more information can be made available to caregivers than provided by a simple medical alert bracelet.

More importantly, smart home automation systems can provide seniors access to a number of beneficial features including:

  • Phone Calls Made with Voice Commands
  • Easy Access to Entertainment
  • Automatic Reminders to Take Medication
  • Prevent Accidental Wandering
  • Operate lighting and heating without leaving their chair
  • View and allow access for visitors using a smartphone
  • Automatically adjust temperature based on time of day

Airbnb Property Management

Manage your Airbnb property from anywhere in the World. Airbnb owners. Gone are the days where you have to rely on your guests to turn OFF the heater / aircon, lights and other costly appliances before leaving. Here are the days where you can do it from the comfort of your couch or a beach in Bali.

With a few home automation products, you can manage a number of your property’s key functions remotely and ensure your investment is both secure & energy efficient. You can also set up new access codes for your locks wherever you are. Enjoy peace of mind and lower overheads with a simple smart home setup.

Business Automation

Here the possibilities are almost endless, and the benefits are great, from energy management and savings to impressing client’s with lighting, voice control etc.. Turn off exactly what you want when you want or create scene’s that will do it all for you this is a time and money saver for business.

Our fully-integrated solution allows you to monitor and control your business through a single, mobile-friendly interface. With just a few clicks, you can secure your system, view live-streaming video, manage employee access, regulate energy use and much more.